Vino spumante di Qualità – Brut


Vino Spumante di Qualità - Brut - 100 - Ada Nada

CLASSIFICATION: Quality Sparkling Wine (V.S.Q.)

VINIFICATION METHOD: Very early harvesting in late August and the first days of September. The grapes are harvested by hand and placed in perforated plastic baskets. Then they are pressed very gently so as not to extract the colour, with protection from oxygen provided by dry ice. The must is then subjected to a static decanting. Then begins the alcoholic fermentation, which is carried out at a temperature of 14-15°C. The entire production cycle from fermentation to ageing is carried out by protecting the must with the help of dry ice. After fermentation, the wine is aged for a few months. In spring, tirage is carried out, the secondary fermentation in the bottle lasts 20-30 days and takes place in rooms conditioned to 16 °C. The wine continues its maturation “sur lattes” until disgorgement during which the “liqueur d’expédition” is added. 100 subsequently benefits from a further month of ageing in the bottle.


BOTTLES PRODUCED: about 2,000 bottles.


Alcohol: 12.5 % vol.
Net dry extract: 18-19 g/litre
Total acidity: 6,5 – 8 g/litre


Colour: Straw yellow with brilliant golden highlights, fine and abundant perlage;
Bouquet: Fragrant, with floral hints and light spicy notes accompanied by suggestions of yeast;
Palate: Smooth and soft, then the lively acidic vein supports and accompanies the sip together with the well-integrated bubbles. It finishes by leaving the mouth very clean with a delicate aftertaste that recalls yeast and the salinity of the soil.

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