Ada Nada is a small, family-run estate situated in Treiso, a small town 5km from Alba.


A series of land acquisitions has seen the estate grow from an initial land area of 3 hectares to a total of 9 hectares of land under vines, facing mainly south-west and at an average altitude of 300 metres above sea level.

On land surrounding the winery, the vineyards fall largely within the important sub-zones of Valeirano and Rombone.

The average age of the vines is around 40 years. Exceptions to the above are the Sauvignon and Merlot vineyards recently acquired by Elvio. The vines are tended to completely by hand, showing the utmost respect for the land and nature.

Work in the vineyard is geared towards ensuring the vine’s natural life cycle and long life. The grape harvest is also carried out by hand, and each vineyard is evaluated in a series of samplings aimed at achieving the highest quality.

Production of Barbaresco wine in Treiso (CN)

Production of Barbaresco wine in Treiso (CN)

Cantina produzione Barbaresco a Treiso (CN)